Happy birthday mom! #mommasboy (at San Diego Zoo Safari Park)


thinkin about my followers


Have you met my new puppy? #puppyselfie

So someone left a #gun in the bathroom at the Italian restaurant I’m at. Happy mothers day? #godfather #mothersday2014 #mafia #definitelymafia


Drake put on a disguise, then questioned passerby about fictitious situations involving himself, effectively proving that people are wack. And y’all wonder why I’m a fan. The Boy is awesome.

A message from Anonymous
where have you been, stud?

who is this


A hero’s journey

this gif is like 20 seconds but it was like watching an entire movie

Featured on a 1000Notes.com blog


Get the fuck out.

its been a while tumblr how is everyone


So proud of all my #lions and how we played today and how much we’ve grown as players and a team this season. #rugby #PLNURugby (at Dusty Rhodes Park)

#weouthere @ricky_zollinger #Rugby #celebrategoodtimes

If you didn’t break a bone you didn’t play hard enough #Rugby #cantevenfeelit

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